Friday, February 27, 2009

Reward for Forgetfulness

This week, I've been losing the ongoing battle against forgetfulness induced by mom disease (that inability to keep track of one's own stuff because one's brain is filled with kid-related details like remembering that today is stuffed animal day at the elementary school). Yesterday, I made a wrong turn on the way into work because I thought I was on a different street than the one I was actually on. On a bike, this can make a big difference. I did eventually make it after some seat-of-the-pants re-navigation (just turning around would've been too easy and less interesting). Today, I headed out to pick up some bread ingredients and bulk herbs at Country Sun, my favorite source for these kind of things. It's a nice ride over to Palo Alto. But, halfway there, I realized that I had neglected to grab the pannier bag on the way out of the garage. The pannier bag that I had just a few minutes before, pulled off the shelf, and set down right in front of the garage door. It's bright yellow. Don't know how it got missed... Anyway, now there was the dilemma about what to do with the groceries once I picked them out. Country Sun does not use plastic bags (a good thing, in my opinion), so I didn't have the option of somehow affixing a plastic bag to the rack. Happily, they did have a nice sturdy-looking bag-in-a-pocket thingie that stuffs into its own tiny little pouch. Nice strong but light nylon, and it was easy to tie onto the rack, stabilized a little by my bike lock. And, it's small and light enough to just live in the bike saddlebag when I'm not using it, so I don't run into this particular problem again :)

Happy Ma gets a present.

Unrelated picture of Chad applying caulk to a seam at the edge of the roof outside the office window because it's just funny:

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