Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ski Week Part 2: Sugarbowl

After spending a long weekend in Downieville, we headed over to Stephan's ski cabin near Sugarbowl to do some resort skiing. Chad's friends Robert and Kathleen joined us at the cabin, leading to entertaining post ski festivities. Skies stayed blue, Nim had two full days of lessons with a good instructor, and our legs became noodles due to the sheer amount of abuse we subjected them to (this is a good thing).



At the end of each day, there was time to take a couple of runs with Nimue -- she was gung ho to keep going until the lifts closed despite ending up on a slope that I had to sideslip her down the first day and missing the lift and having it go over her head the other. Helmets are good.

Nimue took over Robert's computer, and also whatever iPhone was available.

For those who want to see Nim's actual turns, here are a few:

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