Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ski Week Part 1: Downieville

The snow finally came to California, just in time for ski week! Over President's Day weekend, we drove up to Downieville to relax and play for a few days. Fun was had by all, with lots of time for reading, watching the poor cyclists riding the Tour of California get drenched (I, in particular had great sympathy for them given my ride in similar conditions the previous week), making snow kitties in Linda's front yard, and of course playing on skis. Chad and I got out while the snow was still pounding down, and had an amusing afternoon climbing a hill only to find that there were weird holes laying in wait under the powder just waiting to swallow the unsuspecting skier who might happen by.

By Wednesday, the precipitation let up and the sun came out, so we put Nimue on her snowshoes and headed out to play again.

She bravely hiked in about a mile, and made an excellent snow fort with Linda while Chad and I hiked up the hill and skied (Chad) or poofed repeatedly into the snow (me). Though I vowed to rent A/T gear after last time, it didn't actually happen. Fortunately, the snow was deep enough to hide my mistakes in the curve of the nice S-turns we left on the hill for passing snowmobilers to admire.

 The hill before we came.

 The hill while we were climbing. Note the deep pow :)

 At the top. Note the excellent slope.

 After the first run.


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