Monday, September 21, 2009

Drowning in Books

This morning's email brought yet another reminder from the Sunnyvale library that I have books due within three days. Thank goodness for these automatic reminders, lest we drown in the veritable sea of reading material that the stems from the combination of Nimue's and my voracious reading habits with the presence of multiple good local libraries.

On investigation of the library book situation I found no fewer than 8 receipts from different batches of library books hanging from the refrigerator. Probably 3 dozen library books of various types and in varying degrees of done-ness are strewn about the house. That doesn't include the vast quantity of free stuff I've sucked onto my kindle. Perhaps the addiction is a tad out of control? Nope. Not possible.

Lest you think anyone in the house is left out, Chad happily piggybacks on the spoils of the library pillages, as well as being yet another route for books to sneak into the house.

Thank goodness for automatic reminders and online renewal systems. And online book reservations, links to request books from other libraries, and the fact that the Sunnyvale library seems quite willing to purchase anything I put on their "Please buy this" list. Oh, wait -- those last three lead to more books in the house...

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