Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watercolor Fun

I painted a picture of a mouse on a serpent ship called Mouse Rana.
The mouse's name is Olive.In the story,Olive and the rest of his family are
house mice and pet mice.There are many cats around.The mice are very scared
of the cats.Olive makes a plan.The plan is that they would all run away to the
harbor,somehow.When each mouse arrived,Olive waited for them in a tiny ship
named Mouse Rana.When they started sailing,many of the mice were worried
about cats,but Olive told them to get used to it.In the ocean,they were greeted by
catfish,orange fish,and more.They were washed onto shore a couple days after
onto a peaceful place called Igneaus.In Igneaus,they met a girl named Giku who
was very nice.Giku kept them as her pets,but loved Olive most of all.Now the
mice didn't have to worry about cats any more!

I also made a picture of a menace robot.The menace robot features;2 squeaky wheels,3 rockets,
1 extra loud beeper,1 thing bopper,2 laser eyes,2 menace boxes,2 fast blazers,1 grabber,
1 sheet tier and window opener,and 2 rocket arms.

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