Friday, November 13, 2009

How is an emu like an iphone?

From Nimue's dinner conversations last night:

How is an emu like an iphone?

1. Can't have cars for 100 reasons, which include not being allowed to have a drivers license and not being able to drive.

2. Have at least 50 of something. An emu has lots of feathers; the phone has lots of applications on it.

3. Both can be found in Australia.

4. At least 200 exist.
(Poor Ma was curious and looked this one up this morning: the world emu population is 630,000-725,000 according to Wikipedia; iphone sales just for 2008 were something on the order of 13.7 million)

5. Can't fly.

6. Can run. (emu in the sense of using it's legs; iphone in the sense of being turned on)

7. both have the letter E.

So: emus are the same as iphones. Ah, the logic of the seven-year-old....

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