Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More images of Halloween fun...

Nimue the Cartoon Chicken.
She decided on this costume way back in February, perhaps after reading too much of The Far Side. We saved several months worth of plastic milk jugs, pillaged a couple of old stained t-shirts, picked up a remnant piece of yellow crinkly fabric for a dollar, added a bit of craft foam and a rubber glove and voila: SuperChicken!

Upon arriving at school, it became very clear that in a race between Harry Potter, a bug-eyed alien, and SuperChicken, our feathered friend was the hands-down winner :)

Spooky food
Todd and Sarah and family joined us for a spooky Halloween meal before we took the kids out trick-or-treating for waaaaaay too much candy. Not pictured are the delicious salty dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate filling in the shape of ghosts, pumpkins, and moons that the adults got for dessert (we ate 'em all up too fast). Chad was responsible for the watermelon brain.

The obligatory pumpkins.

Chad's is the one with big teeth; Nimue did the snowman stack, the Ma pumpkin, and the sharpie'd cat mini-pumpkin; mine is the eyeball-infested creation (note the excellent shadow cast on the garage door when you enlarge the last one by clicking it). Perhaps there's been too much dinnertime discussion of "The All-Seeing Eye of Ma" lately....

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