Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Week of Summer Vacation

Not much writing lately, as we've been too busy doing stuff since school got out.

The first week of vacation included:

1) A trip to Gilroy Gardens. I took her friend Jenna along too since it was "Bring a Friend Free" week. The place is small enough that they could explore the park in a more or less free-range fashion.

2) A sub-24-hour backpacking trip up to the Black Mountain Backpack Camp. Nim and I hiked in with most of the stuff on Wednesday afternoon; Chad joined us by bike after work. We enjoyed the sunset, stars, fog rolling in over the ocean, and city lights twinkling around the Bay, and had the entire place to ourselves. In the morning, Chad rolled down early to work, and Nimue and I headed out later in a more leisurely fashion. Nim carried her own sleeping bag and all of her stuff!

3) A most excellent piano performance by Allen Toussaint, as part of the Stanford Jazz Festival.

The second week of summer vacation started out with a dinner party (butterflied leg of lamb, grilled -- yum!), followed by me essentially giving my finger a gooseegg by slamming it in the garage door. Big purple swelling on the pad of the fourth finger on my right hand; the photo below does not do justice to the violently dark purple color it is at present, but does give you an idea of how much bigger it is than the other one. Nim said "You should be more careful with your body, Mommy!" and then got me ice and tea, all of her own accord. "That's what you do when I get hurt," she says. Good kid.

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