Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poor dumb birdies

I refilled the birdfeeder the other day in order to enhance the "kitty TV" experience -- the cats love to watch all the avian activity outside the big dining room window. As expected, the new seed attracted a bunch more birds, and it still being spring, a pair of house finches started to try to build a nest.

We watched them hard at work during breakfast for several days, but no nest was forthcoming. Upon investigation, I found a sad pile of twigs that had rained down on the bushes below the corner they were trying to colonize. Alas, the common house finch lacks both common sense and engineering skills -- this pair had spent days diligently trying to build a nest cantilevered out from a nearly nonexistent ledge.

Ah, I took pity and put some tape up, and an hour later there was a nest.

They're gonna have to manage the next step on their own. Stay tuned.

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