Monday, July 21, 2014

Emus are funny

When we were in New Zealand, I made a point of choosing accommodations that were small and featured animals to amuse Nimue.  It turns out there there are quite a number of home stay/farmstay/B&B accommodations, so it wasn't hard to find these.  Over the course of the week, we saw, fed, and petted cats, dogs, a pig, a pony, a donkey,

chickens (many of which provided eggs for our breakfast),

sheep and goats,


 and emus.

Nimue got to feed the emus; at one point there were five of them all pecking at the food bowl at the same time.  Up close, they look quite dinosaur-like.

The emu farm had a gaggle of juvenile ones penned away in a separate area.  Cute and fuzzy, right?

Also very, very, very curious

and unable to resist pecking at shiny things

Including my camera.  Emus are funny.

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