Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What would you do with these?

The first place we stayed in New Zealand had a kitchenette, which of course meant we cooked our own dinner for a few nights.  Arriving jet-lagged at the grocery store, I couldn't resist buying these:
They were labelled "Red Yams".  I know not everyone responds to unknown foodstuffs with an irresistible urge to try them, much less cook them jet-lagged after a red-eye flight, but we do...

Lacking any real knowledge of how they are normally cooked, and also limited to the small number of things we got from the grocery store, I opted to slice them up and butter-steam them on the stove.

Add the rest of dinner: lamb gobbets, spinach, and NZ red wine.  Yum.  It just encourages my bad habits :)

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