Friday, July 11, 2014

Ziplining fun

Yaaay more New Zealand stuff c: This time it's about ziplining,  an awesome sort-of sport that we experienced in the most epic way possible during our stay in Rotorua.

When you zipline, you're attached to a line that is strung from platform to platform, so when you jump off the platform you're on, you "zip" to the next platform, and so on and so forth. Like this:

See, there's Mom having fun and making wood pigeon noises. Awesome, right?

So, normal ziplining is fun, but this was probably at least ten times as exhilarating as regular ziplining. Why? Because we were fifty feet up, zooming on ziplines at least one hundred feet long. It was a) AWESOME, b) AWESOME, and c) did I mention AWESOME? We had so much fun!

We also saw some local wildlife, including silver tree ferns

and tomtits.

There were not only ziplines, but also bridges, swing bridges, and trails. It was great!

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