Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tour of the West: Also Seen in Nevada

Also seen as we crossed Nevada:

Not pictured:  Many many mountain passes going through the Basin and Range province.

Random boulders with petroglyphs (pictured: Great Basin Pecked Style petroglyphs at Grimes Point)

Weird isolated sand dune:  Sand Mountain.  It may look smooth and pristine, but as you get closer, you can see ATV tracks all over it, following unlikely-seeming lines.  People clearly have fun here.

Many ruins of old Pony Express stations.  I was amused to note that the youngest reported rider was only 11 years old.  (Nimue declined to comment.)

 Caves!  There are a bunch in Great Basin NP; we opted to take a tour of Lehman Caves as this was the legal way to access them.

Cave photography is difficult, especially with my puny camera; this difficulty is compounded by the face-making tendencies of the small monster.  Or maybe helped...

Archaeological site near Baker.

Happy silly peoples.

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