Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tour of the West: Free Campsites

One thing that is nice about getting a bit off the beaten path is that you can still find campsites that don't requite planning and reservations made months in advance.  Some of them are free :) Cases in point:

BLM camping at the Hickison Petroglyph area off of route 50 in Nevada.  The petroglyphs were sadly defaced by modern morons, but we found a nice campsite with a jolly little shade structure and good views of the sunset across the basin and range province.

  How can you not like waffles for breakfast?

Not a campsite, but another cute shade structure appeared just in time for lunch.

Lots of free camping in Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument.  Given that it was about 95 degrees out at that point, we picked a site in the shade in Harris wash, with views of red rocks and sunflowers.

Despite the heat there, Nimue amused herself by drawing a sand turtle in the dust on the road.

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