Thursday, October 6, 2016

Artistic Output of the Small Monster

While Nim cleaned her room before we repainted it, she ran across this gem of artistic output circa first grade in one of her old journals:

Page 1

Transcription in case you don't want to decode the handwriting (but you still get to decode spelling!):

The Great Journey
Once, on Ginger's Island, evreyone even Nimue complaned.  But Nimue Didn't for long, She went to talk to Ginger.  Ginger said "Me, you, and evreybody else have to take a trip." so one day evreyone went on a trip until they felt land.

All very nice, but then we turned to the next page.  Page 2 is what made us laugh so hard that Nim turned pink and we both had tears running down our faces.  Somehow, neither of us expected this transition:

And that's the end of the story, folks :)

In contrast, her output these days is much more sophisticated (but still pretty entertaining), as her most recent assignment for art class shows.  It's worth clicking on to enlarge it to look at all the little details of the drawing.

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