Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heap reduction

In an effort to set things up so that everything has a home in the bedroom, we recently headed to IKEA before dinner one night a week or so ago.  We came out with a truckload of parts for a storage unit to replace Chad's old bureau.  He rapidly went to work putting it together with his cute little impact screwdriver.

One always has to consult the IKEA directions a few times during the process and interpret the pictographs.

The cat, as you might expect, was somewhat perturbed.

Well, make that VERY perturbed.

And worried.  Eventually she found the pile of packing paper and adopted it as a nest from which to keep an eye on us.

Meanwhile, Chad made good progress,

until we got to the last drawer.  See the little circle showing the contents inside this box?  Black.  Supposed to be white.  Argh...

After going back to the store (annoyingly on the weekend, which made Chad realize why I had done the original trip on a weeknight), we got the correct piece and he finished the masterpiece, which might just be big enough to contain everything we would like to put away.

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