Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I can use the shower tomorrow: Bathroom part 3

Yes, it's been a long time.  First, there was a long wait for the countertop people to come out and measure and then fabricate the countertop.  Then, there was an even longer wait for the shower glass people to do the same.  That was finally installed yesterday; I am just waiting for the caulk to cure before I use it.

So when we last left, the room was at this stage;

 Then we got paint,

drawer handles and countertop material,

and plumbing.

Ooh, a toilet!  Note that the tank is in the wall to save some space.

Better view of the shower plumbing after they cleaned up:

Eventually we got the electrical and LED light fixture installed,

and yesterday they came and put in the shower glass (ugly red tape comes off tomorrow)

and a great big mirror :)

Putting the big mirror in and knocking out that wall really made the room feel a whole lot bigger.  Plus, the wall is no longer rotting out behind the shower!  I'm really looking forward to using it tomorrow.

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