Saturday, January 7, 2017

holiday travels

We took a quick trip up to WA right after Christmas to visit my parents.  Aside from the great plumbing flood of 2016 and the horrible flu that people have been coming down with, we also had some fun.  As an example:

Giant piece of meat that I was told to cook.  Fortunately my mom saved some notes from the last time I did this in her kitchen, as I was unable to default to my 36-hours-in-the-sous-vide-at-131F that I do at home.  5 hours at 250F in the oven was yummy too.

Giant bonfire made with wet sticks.  This is hard to light,

without assistance from a propane torch...

It does burn in the end!

Nimue's cousin Keldon, also known as "The Cutest Kid in the Known Universe" (TCKIKU).

Grandmothers and jaded teens had fun too:

To the adults, keeping the fire going was serious business.

Teens dance when faced with large bonfires.

Looking for ashes to catch.

Look, Grandma, I got one!

Not sure what this was....

Lots of smoke.

Happy peoples.

We also took a quick jaunt up the road towards Mt. Saint Helens to see some snow.  We found some, and got luck enough to see the volcano peeking out from the clouds too :)

The zombie teen chases her Ma (photo from my mom).  I ended up with snow down my pants.  Evil kiddo.

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