Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ski day trips

All the torrential rain down here was snow up in the mountains.  Yippee!  After the last storm dumped something like 10 feet of new snow on top of the 8 feet or so from the previous week, I couldn't wait any longer to go skiing, so on Tuesday I decided to drive up for a quick day trip.

5:00 am -- alarm goes off.  Ouch.
5:10 am -- actually get up.
5:25 am -- leave the house
9:05 am -- arrive at Sugarbowl to ski.   Yay!

Although the snow was somewhat tracked up from the few lucky souls who were able to ski on Monday, it was still pretty good, with pockets of fresh, deep snow in the trees.  The trees themselves were still plastered with snow, making the mountains very scenic.

11:30 am -- starving.  Time for lunch.
11:45 am -- back out on the snow.
1:00 pm -- starving again.  Time for second lunch.
1:15 pm -- back out on the snow
2:00 pm -- legs starting to get tired.  I didn't have Chad and Nimue around to distract me so I never took any breaks.  Skiing hard in relatively heavy powder the first ski day of the year, while fun,  does lead to a wee bit of fatigue!  Keep skiing anyway.
2:45 pm -- head back to car, so I can leave in time to make it back for rehearsal
3:00 pm -- actually start driving
4:30 pm -- hit some traffic in Sacramento.  Will I have time to stop and get food?
~5:30 pm -- Hungry.  Stop for a big gooey burger.  Decide on route into Palo Alto given current traffic conditions and reported giant potholes on 101. 
7:20 pm -- pull into parking lot for rehearsal and actually find a space in the first row I looked at.  Miraculous, and just in time for rehearsal!
9:30 pm -- done singing, drive home.
9:55 pm -- finally back home.  Eat the last cookie that family members kindly saved for me.  A long, but very fun day :)

Now, I couldn't just save all that ski fun for myself, so yesterday we took another day trip up to Sugarbowl as a family.  

Nimue is skiing well at this point (notice she is entering from off-trail here -- you can't see the steep pitch of moguls she just came off of...)  She still mostly prefers staying on trail because she likes to go fast; we tend to do quite a bit of choosing our own routes to meet up at the bottom.  

Chad and I did have a chance to ski together amidst some of the newly-opened powder in the trees at the top while Nim repeatedly speed-demoned down groomers, and also while she took a break at the end of the day.  Fun for all (though today everyone is flopping around the house tired...).

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