Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not all storms

Despite the storms mentioned in the last few posts, we do still have quite a bit of sunshine around here.  So much, that the flowers have started to bloom.  One might be mistaken into thinking it is spring :)

I like how the irises look almost like sea creatures inside.

I thought these died off in the drought, but they came bravely back, now more white than pink.

Endless unidentified succulents are trying to take over the corner; I keep having to prune these back.

Even the herbs are blooming! (rosemary)

Most self-respecting roses don't deign to do anything when it is 38 degrees in the morning; this one is an exception.  I kinda sorta forgot to prune the roses back this year.

Fun fuzzy mexican sage.

And the azalea has been blooming since about November.  Now that I think about it, so has the camellia.  Happy Spring?

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