Sunday, September 19, 2010

Counterpoint on new vehicle

I have to point out, that this was not a case of "guy wants macho 4x4, talks girls into it" -- rather, Anna found the truck, and she and Nimue convinced me that it would be a fun and unconventional choice. In particular, for Anna it would be distinctively not a "soccer-mom-mobile" (as so often seen around our chunk of suburbia.) In Nimue's case, the "cute-mobile" beat out the "horky giganto" 4runner we were also considering.

Further, lest my eco-concious friends put me on the pillory, I must mention that we put considerably less than 10k miles on a car annually (while collectively racking up considerably more miles than that on our bikes.) The huge majority of our car miles are spent heading off on various adventures, often on bad or borderline impassable roads. Nearly all the city driving that we might do, is done on our bikes. Thus, fuel economy ended up ranking fairly low in our list of new-car requirements; adventure capabilities and durability rated higher.

Interestingly, the new Toyota is shorter than the Subaru (discovered when parking in our driveway for the first time!)

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