Friday, September 24, 2010


Mom brain strikes again: After mountain biking today, I gleefully loaded the bike into the new truck and drove off. About a half a mile later, it occurred to me that I didn't remember putting the front wheel in... Sure enough, I had left it leaned against the rear tire of the truck, where it was so well camoflauged that I didn't notice it. Argh.

I'm hoping I get off with just having to replace the badly bent skewer, though I fear Chad will come home and exclaim in horror: "You mangled the [insert obscure expensive bike part name here]!" The truck, of course, was unscathed by the puny mountain bike wheel.

Yes, I made more butter, too. Adding a spoonful of sour cream and letting the mix fester on the counter overnight did marvelous things to the flavor!

1 comment:

BikeBoy said...

The framawingnert has clearly been decoupled from the deruckifier! I'm sure it can only be fixed by buying your loving husband a new bike ;-)