Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fun Run

Nimue decided she wanted to do the Cherry Chase Fun Run this year -- she ran the entire two mile course in 22 minutes with no stops. Yay, Nim! Chad greeted us at the end on his way out on a bike ride.

We may be insane, but are also signed up to do a females-only 9k out at Palo Alto Baylands in November. It turns out that taking Nimue running after dinner is a good way to work out the crazo "I've just been fed" energy, plus she likes the undivided Ma attention. I set the bike computer to beep every two minutes, at which point we have to think of a word that will either (a) make the other person laugh or (b) expand the small one's vocabulary. Nim's idea. Weird kid. Weird Ma, too.

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