Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mellow spectating at the Tour of California

This year, there was only one local stage of the Tour of California.  It went up and over Mt. Hamilton, so naturally Chad and I had to ride up to watch it there.

Despite a predicted high of 94F.  The timing was such that I convinced myself that all the hotness would occur on the descent.


Thank goodness for the soda machine in the observatory at the top.

After inhaling a cold beverage, I climbed through the fence to sit on the edge of the lip of the pavement to survey the landscape below.  Quite a comfy spot, and we were joined by some other folks that Chad knew from NASA, as well as some other spectators.  It was blessedly not crowded, as all the crazies were over on Mt. Diablo for the stage finish.

 The view, while waiting.  We weren't right on the edge of the course, but we could see quite a bit of the road as it snaked up to the summit.
 The early-morning break (eight guys), who were six minutes ahead of the bunch at this point came into view on a switchback below
and eventually whooshed by on the road just below us.
 Then came the peloton, all strung out, followed by a long caravan of cars.
 The riders were more bunched up as they came right below us, given that this point was about 200 meters before the summit.
 I was, as always, amused by the broom wagon bringing up the rear of the train.
Chad clearly enjoyed taking the day off of work.  It's good to have an excuse.

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