Sunday, May 18, 2014

Obligatory concert post

For you grandparents who missed it:
Here's Nimue's favorite piece that her choir did at their recent concert.  Bootleg recording as usual given the group's evil policies...
Bob Chilcott's "A Little Jazz Mass"

(If it doesn't work, let me know -- there's some weird new security certificate stuff, at least with my browser, and I had to click a little box saying it's ok to get the file off our server to make it work here. The pop up window with the click box may be hiding behind your main browser window)

I also snuck into the "closed" rehearsal and took a few pictures.  The church they sang in (First United Methodist in Palo Alto) was visually interesting, with lots of small trapezoidal colored windows, and I guess Nimue was amused by the maze of rooms down underneath.
See if you can spot the Nim (blurry given that I had to sneak the picture -- i.e. no flash!)

This will be the last one of these for a while, as Nim has decided to not sing with the group next year.  They do quite a lot in terms of good music education, but the main conductor -- who runs the groups for the older kids -- is not a very fun person to work with.  Not unexpected, and it will give Nim time to  try some other activities next year.

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