Friday, May 30, 2014

Mini-backpacking trip in Portola Redwoods

We decided to go backpacking over Memorial Day weekend, but not until the last minute, so local options were somewhat limited -- nothing available for Saturday night, but one potentially lovely spot at the Slate Creek Trail camp in Portola Redwoods for Sunday night.   We're still working the kiddo up to this, so a one-night short trip wasn't necessarily a bad thing (plus it meant we could all go to the climbing gym on Saturday).  I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Before we started.  The kiddo got my pack since it could be adjusted to fit her, and my good heavyweight hiking boots.  They're narrower than I like anyway. (I had one of Chad's packs and a softer pair of boots.)

For the record: 15 lb for kiddo, 25 lb for me, and 30 lb for Chad.

From behind Nim looked like a backpack with legs.

The trail snaked gently up through the redwoods for about 3 miles, going up maybe six to eight hundred feet.  Nim was pretty cheery, except when hungry.  We still forget just how often she has to eat.

Our camp site was nestled in between the trees, in dappled sunshine.  

It was a good place for eating,


and napping.  Poor Chad had a nasty cold.

We saw a few critters, including cyanide-exuding yellow-spotted millipedes

banana slugs (including slug tracks on the outside of our tent in the morning),

and a rubber snake that Chad found in the campsite.

We saw no evidence of the ravenous raccoon the ranger warned us about, but we did hang the food overnight nonetheless.  Better safe than sorry.

There were a few wildflowers out, including a couple I don't normally see.
Redwood sorrel

Tolmie Star-Tulip

Also one of the historic mill sites.  Page apparently operated a couple of shingle mills in these parts, selectively cutting the trees with straight enough grain for shingles.  This one, apparently, was too twisty.

There are definitely some enormous trees about.  We took a detour on the way out to see the "Old Tree", which the small one deemed very large.

 Happy holiday weekend :)

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