Friday, August 14, 2009

Field Trip from the Week of Camp Mom

This week has been a relatively calm week, as Nimue is not signed up for any camp, we have no trips, and we have no visitors. Nimue and I have been calling it the week of "Camp Mom", as there has been an awful lot of intensive Mommy-Nimmie time.

In addition to art, a trip to the pool, games, tandem rides, and room cleaning, we took a cultural field trip. Nimue has been bugging me for a while to go back to the Asian Art Museum up in San Francisco, so we took a train adventure up there. To get to the Civic Center area in SF from our house, one has to walk to the Caltrain station, take Caltrain to BART, and the take BART into the city. Among other conversational diversions, Nim renamed all the train stops; e.g. Sunnyvale = Bunny Kale or Mountain View = Mountain Stew. My favorite was San Potato (San Mateo). So very six/seven.

At the museum this time, her favorite object was 15th century Korean ceramic turtle, but she was clearly fascinated by many other things as well. A chorus of "Look at this! Hey look at this Mom!" "Oh, look at this!" followed me through the museum, especially in the many sections where there were sculptural items. Delightfully odd kid :)

After three hours had passed, we finished pretty much the whole museum and she was tired, until simultaneously discovering her second wind and a little room full of hands-on stuff for kids downstairs. She took over the kimono dress-up play area and danced and danced and danced until Mean Ma finally dragged her away.

She needed to veg on the train on the way home; I can see shades of the teenager to come...

This morning, I found her out on the patio painting; upon a query regarding what it was, she answered "Kumbhakarna fighting the monkeys." She had noted a couple of images of this part of the Ramayana in the museum yesterday because we have the same scene in the form of one of Faith's excellent batiks hanging in our TV room. I like my quirky kid.

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