Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Day of Sunmmer Vacation

For the last day before school started, Nimue wanted to ride to school to make sure that we could make it there by 8:00 (well, maybe this was my idea, but I had her complete buy-in). Upon arriving, she proceeded to ride around the blacktop like a mad thing, as it will be the last day for a while that this is allowed. She racked up two and a half miles just by frenetically circling around the play structures, tetherball poles, and teachers preparing for tomorrow morning's onslaught of crazo kids. Plus, she got to ride over Texas. (see picture)

In other school-related news, we rode back over at 4pm to see the class lists, and her new teacher was friendly enough to poke his head out of the classroom to say "Hi". Mr. Hauser seems like a very calm, friendly guy; his bio on the school website indicates that he's been teaching for 25 years; word from other parents is unequivocably positive; and when Nim was acting nervous on meeting him, he reassured her that his daughter, who is in first grade in another school, was nervous too until starting earlier in the week, and now thinks it's fun. Nim responded well. Already a better start than last year!


eileen said...

Too too funny! I love the red artwork design that Nimue made with her bike. You should send the school a copy of this one!


Ma said...

I can't decide if it's a hummingbird or a seahorse, now that I look at it as artwork :)