Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glug, glug, burble: A nasty pool.

Glug, glug, burble. Strange noises from the shower. Glug, glug, burble. Strange noises from the toilet. Hmmm. All coming from the master bath, everything seems to drain, many visitors coming imminently. Ignore.

Five visitors arrive. Yay, fun! House now contains eight people and one cat. Next morning master shower no longer drains. Toilet no longer flushes. Argh. Bad timing. Pour Drano in and defer until later as it is still only the master bathroom.

Visitors head off to the park while we plot a mesh house to protect the veggie bed from the vile squirrels. Go to water plants in front yard. Note big puddle in unusual part of front yard despite dry summer weather.

Looks like puddle is rimmed with toilet paper. Ew. Ick.

Chad flushes guest bath toilet inside. Puddle turns into geyser and dribbles out across the front yard. EW. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Call plumber. In an unusual display of good business sense, plumber points out that if the problem is between the sewer clean-out port and the street, the city will take care of it for free so we should call the city first. We liked this very helpful plumber the last time we had a problem and this is just another example of why.

Call City of Sunnyvale; fear long wait and destruction of front yard. Four kids coming back from park imminently. No working toilet. Hmmm. Ride bike to park very fast to warn everyone that they need to use the bathroom there before they come home. Use park bathroom myself.

Ride home. Sunnyvale truck has arrived! Water from puddle has soaked into ground revealing long-lost sewer clean-out port underneath! Problem is between port and street! Very Large Motorized Snake deployed!


Time between problem discovery and repair: one hour. Cost: Free. Yet one more reason to like the City of Sunnyvale :)

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