Monday, August 10, 2009

Weighty matters

Chad got another new bike. Never mind that the most decrepit bike in the family bike stable is my road bike and, being both thrifty and attached to this particular bike, I have deemed that I can eke a couple more years out of it. We should have been free of bike purchases for a while.

Ha. He found a stellar deal on a swoopy new bike with a carbon fiber frame in his size that was way too good to be passed up, and now there is another Chad-sized wheeled denizen of our garage.

For his birthday, he also got a hanging scale for the garage that can be used to weigh things like bikes.

Chad's new bike: ~15lb (the whole bike. It must be made of toothpicks.)

My typical load of groceries and library books coming home on the tandem with Nimue: 37 lb
Note that this is just the cargo and does not include the weight of large bike and kid, snacks, coats, water, locks, etc...

The moral victory is clearly mine. I will be very strong. Slow, but very, very strong. However, I can't help but covet the shiny new object in the garage, especially after he raves about how well it rides...

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