Monday, May 3, 2010

Biking at the edge of the Bay

My memory is faulty, so I'm relying on the contents of my camera to elucidate the last couple of weeks... after the ski trip, there were lots of pictures of sunny bike rides along the levees at the edge of the Bay.

Nimue and I took a ride at Stevens Creek Shoreline Nature Study Area, adjacent to Shoreline Park in Mountain View as one of our "Friday Adventures" allowed by her school's early dismissal schedule on Fridays.

We had barely left the parking lot when we were treated to a raucous display of crows divebombing a big red-tailed hawk. This is the hawk after he found a perch that was acceptable to the squawking flock of others.

Nimue quite liked riding through the mustard.

Nimue's "I'm riding fast" position. Note the big buildings at Moffet in the background (Nim also shouted "Hi Daddy!" at the top of her lungs several times.)

A couple days later, we all took a ride out at Alviso so Chad could enjoy the edge of the bay as well. I experimented with attaching the camera to my handlbars with a gorillapod. While this saved me the potential embarrassment of wiping out while trying to simultaneously steer and take pictures, I can't say it improved the picture quality any... (I left out the attempted self-portrait, which ended up just showing my giant shoulders from a truly scary perspective) Still, you can tell it was a gorgeous day as we wound our way around the levees delineating the old salt ponds:)





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