Monday, May 24, 2010

Nimue the hiker

We went hiking at Henry Coe State Park again over the weekend while Chad was out mountain biking. The hills are just starting to turn yellow, but there are still quite a few flowers out.

Fairy Lanterns look like hairy lanterns

Nimue found a caterpillar. She later looked in the book and identified it as a Pacific Tent Caterpillar, and was somewhat annoyed that a pretty caterpillar turns into a boring moth.



She really wanted to think that above caterpillar would turn into a checkerspot like this one we snuck up on. (Butterflies are MUCH harder to photograph than even wiggly Nimue.)

The obligatory Nimue-sticking-out-her-tongue shot.

Experimental shot through my polarizing sunglasses, since the little point-and-shoot has no filters.

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