Monday, May 24, 2010

It starts at seven...

So a third grade boy came up to me at garden club to day and said conspiratorially "I think Nimue likes me -- she keeps poking me in the back and running away. That's the first clue." Then he scampered off.

A few minutes later, I see Nimue wandering around with a piece of pink paper in her hands and a nervous grin on her face.

Five more minutes, and Aleksei (the third grade boy) comes up to me again holding up a pink piece of paper that says "I like you, Aleksei!" "This is the second clue. She definitely likes me!" A happy grin, and he ran off again toward the corner of the garden where Nimue was digging for bugs.

Very cute. His mom and I both cracked up. I laughed even more when I later asked Nim what they had been doing together and she replied "We were looking for worms and bugs to scare other kids with." An elementary-schooler's idea of a good time :)

I have to give his mom credit for keeping a straight face when he raised his hand in front of the entire garden club during the group wrap-up and asked "What's the difference between being engaged and married?" This despite Nimue's later comment that "Aleksei's a little embarrassed that we have a SECRET CRUSH." One could definitely hear the capital letters in the whispered utterance.

Somehow, I thought that this all started later, but for now it is funny and sweet, despite Chad's comments about going shotgun shopping.

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