Monday, May 3, 2010

School Volunteering


Some moms grade math time tests and stuff folders in the classroom once a week; I find myself hunting victims for the garden club Snail Circus. (~100 snails in a jug in the back yard).

I was lucky enough to help on Nimue's field trip to the Menlo Park USGS Earth Day thing, which was quite cool, aside from the fact that I ended up chaperoning the group of obnoxious boys. Needless to say, the highlight for them was getting shaken in the magnitude 8.0 earthquake simulator; Nim also enjoyed driving a little robot rover and several volcano activities.

Also built one of these and one of these for solar cooking experiments at said garden club. So far, I've accidentally made a big purple spot in my vision (temporary), achieved a puny 225 degrees, and cooked a passable apple crisp. The results of all this go to school for kids to play with in a couple of weeks, so I'm ahead of the game for once.

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