Saturday, July 9, 2016


Chad doesn't make the same faces as Nim, but occasionally his low coffee indicator light turns on.  Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

Espresso is freely available, from the district full of coffeehouses in Vienna

to Budapest

to eveywhere in between, 

and in the airport on the way home.

It works for Nim, too, even after we got caught in an absolute deluge on on the way to Carnuntum.

Chad's low beer indicator is also easy to fix when on vacation in these parts.

At the restaurant in the old Gellert children's bath, Budapest.  The thing on Chad's head is a fur of  Zsanett's.

An apparently delicious craft brew from Bratislava

The standard Zlaty Bazant  in Komarno

Vienna.  Beers are big in these parts.

 At the Friday night kiosks along the river in Szentendre.

With Frosty in Budapest.

Nim and I found our own beverages.

One of many delicious lemonades -- this one had tons of ginger!

Nestea is her new favorite.

And I could always find a glass of wine.

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