Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gyor to Komarno

The fourth day of riding had the least sightseeing, but was the most interesting bicycling of the trip, in my opinion.  We started the morning navigating the tricky unsigned turn-filled route out of the town of Gyor, with only one minor mistake, and rapidly hit bike trail, and then gorgeous gently-rolling country roads through vineyards.

It was quite warm (between 90 and 95), so we had many water stops.

More farmland,

 and lots of wind turbines.
We could have taken a detour to see the stud farm at Bablona, but it was hot out and none of us are that interested in horses.  Good choice, too, as the route we did take turned into a delightful dirt road line with wildflowers,

before haring off into some nice, shady trees.

Eventually we made it into town and wandered about a bit as per the usual habit.  Nim took a nap while Chad and I had a drink on the hotel patio overlooking the river.  Yet another fine day.

Total distance: 58 km

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