Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vienna to Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

The first day of cycling followed the river downstream out of Vienna, past numerous small beaches where people were setting up their Sunday picnics, including adjacent groups who had 1) a large goulash pot suspended from a giant tripod, and 2) whole goats roasting over a fire.  After a missed turn at the oil storage terminal and a few kilometers of bonus riding, we happily found and followed the bike path. 

Eventually, we made our first crossing over the Danube to the the town of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, near the Roman ruins of Carnuntum.

Despite the kiddo being tired, we took a few minutes to walk down to see the museum in town and  to enjoy the river in the late afternoon.  On our way down to the river, we stopped to listen to a brass band playing oompah music at one of the outdoor cafe areas.

 Chad watched the barges ripping downstream -- the current is impressively fast here.

You can just barely see the river viewing platform in the trees where we had our snack on the other side of the river.

Nim tried to take a nap,

but mostly just watched the river with us.

We walked back through a park area littered with old Roman stones, and enjoyed the unusual planter boxes alongside the street near our hotel.

Day's riding total: 56 km

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