Friday, July 15, 2016

The many faces of Nim

The Small One has many faces, as evidenced once again this trip:

For almost every picture like this,

there is one like this just before it.

Nimue has many moods

Feral.  "Feed me ice cream or else!"

Calculating.  "How can I get them to get me more ice cream?"

Worried.  "Where is the next ice cream going to come from?"

Contented.  "I like drawing so much that I've forgotten about ice cream."

Wistful.  "Will Mom ever find the next ice cream?"

Hopeful.  "If I wait long enough, there will be ice cream."

Patient.  "The ice cream is coming."

Focussed.  "Who needs ice cream when you have a good logic puzzle?"

Bemused.  "Silverware in bag, for ice cream?"

Satisfied.  "There is so much ice cream!"

Smiley.  "If I'm good, I'll get ice cream."

Occasionally the smiley face comes out in a shot of all three of us.  "I got ice cream and I love my parents."

You might think this is full of ice cream, but is really just a pufferfish impression.

After ice cream is applied, the kiddo is almost always crazo.

Nimue also has many thoughts.

"Yay -- lots of cool stuff to look at!"

"I'm so bored and Mom is taking forever to figure out where we are going."

"There are too many people here."


"I'm cool, even if Dad is hugging me."

"I'm'a makin' wine."

"Charts are cool.  Now let me go back to looking at it."

"Yes, I am playing games again, and you won't stop me."

"I like you, but let me draw in peace!"

"I'm really trying to smile, but am not into it."

"You're not helping, Dad."

"Why don't you ever feed me?"

"I'm sure this is cool, but it's lame when I'm hot and hungry."

"Maybe hugging will help."

"Look at me, I'm cute.  And somewhat feral."

"I'm the raddest thing since cows!"

"Oh yeah, I just scared the pigeons!"

Many things get the thumbs-up,

the thumbs-down,

or the tongue face.

We are always amused by the second-to-second changes!

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