Thursday, July 14, 2016

Riding Day 3: On towards Gyor

As the week progressed, it kept getting hotter and hotter.  We instituted a new policy of eating breakfast as early as we possibly could (usually 6:30 or 7, depending on the hotel) and riding as much as we could before the worst heat of the day struck.

On this third day, we followed the bike path along the river levees,

enjoyed the modern art in the Museum Danubia (more pictures in the earlier post, but I forgot this one),

and decided to follow a section of EuroVelo 6 that was so new it wasn't even in our route book.  The new section headed slightly inland and went through more farmland.


Eventually we made it to Mosonmagyarovar, stopped at a park to have a snack, had our encounter with the French group at the train station mentioned in an earlier post, and made it to Gyor.

Our hotel that night was in an old monastery building.  More interesting than most!

It had a nice courtyard in which to park the bikes.

As was usual, there were many things to look at while wandering around town before heading off to dinner.

We particularly liked the artwork inlaid into one sidewalk,

there were lots of lovely squares,

 and many shops and eating establisments had interesting insignia hanging out front.

Total ride distance: 48 km

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