Sunday, July 3, 2016


One of the things I always enjoy when visiting a new place is checking out food markets.  They are  visually interesting vibrant places, one can find interesting things to contemplate cooking even if one is not planning to cook, and I just like to eat :)

Central Market Hall in Budapest

Mmmm.... meaty bits

Frosty selecting fruit.  One thing we got here that isn't in the picture are the delicious sour cherries that were in season -- good to eat both raw and in gelato form!

The Naschmarkt in Vienna.  We picked up picnic supplies for the first few days of biking here, including some delicious bread, cheese, cured ham, dried fruit, and olives.

Sadly, there was no way to include octopus in the picnic supplies.

After wandering about the market in the sun, of course one needs a beverage.  Chad enjoyed a big beer,

while Nim and I had another iteration of our great discovery of the trip, lemonade.  In these parts, there is quite the lemonade culture, as Frosty put it.  Take a mixture of fresh fruits and herbs, muddle them, and add carbonated water with the barest hint of sweetener.  This might just have to become the house drink of the summer!

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