Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cycling surfaces in Quebec

During our bike trip, we encountered a variety of surfaces on which to ride.  By and large, it was pretty good -- the Route Verte is generally well-routed along a combination of rail-trail conversions, quiet roads, and separated bike paths.  Here is a taste:

Many delightful gravel rail-trail conversions, either flat or very gently graded, often running through the woods or next to rivers (or both).  These are friendly to all and were my favorite :)

Some of these trails were paved, or as in this case, in the process of being paved

An occasional dirt road, haring off into the farmland.  This one wasn't on the map, but had a sign indicating that it was going the way we wanted to go, so we followed it, hoping for a shortcut to bypass a busy road in town.  I'm not sure it was any shorter, but it did bypass town, so we dubbed it an "interesting cut".

Most of the route was well-signed

 and had occasional interesting trail furniture to navigate through.

We went over a couple of bridges with narrow bike lanes going in the general vicinity of Quebec City

 including a bike-and-ped-only suspension bridge

 and also got to ride a bike trail under the bridge on our approach into Old Town.

Chad and I took a cute little ferry over the river at one point on our big ride day together.  More bikes than cars on this one!

And, of course, I picked a road with an egregious grade to get up to the hotel after getting off the ferry. (I did hop off for a bit, mostly because he likes to climb at a much faster cadence than I do on the steep stuff.)  These things just find me.

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