Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things one does at forts in Quebec

One of the things we enjoyed exploring while in Quebec were the star-shaped forts along the St.Lawrence, built back in the 1800's when the locals were worried about pesky Americans invading.  These fortifications were never used, but line the river in the region.

While we were in Quebec City, we took a guided tour of the Citadelle and Museum of the Royal 22e Régiment of the Canadian Forces.  Our tour guide was informative, funny, and clearly serious about the  national pride in the Royal 22e Régiment, who still are quartered on the site.  

We enjoyed the view,

learned about the buildings,

cannons, (this one looked like a bug to me),

and the people.

For all the national pride, there was still room for touristic silliness.


The goat, Batisse the 12th, is the mascot of the Royal 22e Régiment, was not out for all to see the day we were there, much to Nimue's dismay, so we had to make due with the pictures.

Nimue also spent some time exploring the ramparts leading up to the fort.
They warned one of the obvious, but didn't bother with fences to save people from their own stupidity. We thought the graphic was funny.

We also stopped by Fort #1 in Levis.  Here, we enjoyed a self-guided tour, and explored the ramparts looking back across the river toward Quebec City.

Bill and Faith check out the cannon.

Ma and Ni climb yet another set of stairs with tired legs

and Nimue figured out what one ought to do with a nice grassy slope in the sunshine.

When we got back to the bikes where they were locked to the fence, we discovered that the lawn had been mowed around them, leaving sticky green bits of plant matter everywhere. Not a recipe for Chad happiness, but at least it didn't affect the function in any way -- merely made the bikes a little bit dirtier. Better to be pelted with grass than cannonballs, I say.

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