Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer fun in Maine and Downieville

As we head into the last two weekend trips of the summer, I'm playing catch-up.  Here are some highlights of Nimue's fun with grandparents this summer:

A new kite in Maine

Life in the pond to watch

included frogs (pictured), snakes, fish, and a mink.

We also found some frogs in the woods

hiked, laughed,

and climbed rocks.

Gran definitely enjoys her woods!

Shifting gears to Downieville, Nimue got to walk Linda's friend BJ's dog Rama

while Chad and I scoped out a new dirt road route in the high country.

We also hiked up the river to a hidden swimming hole and watched the hot, tired mountain bikers go by  on the trail above while we enjoyed the nice cool river.  You can't see this swimming hole from the trail, but we could see up to them.  Local knowledge is good!

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