Monday, August 19, 2013

My, what large everything you have

Some obligatory birthday photos:

I took Nimue to the zoo the day before her birthday.  It was amusing to note that she still enjoys the statues

as much as she did when she was 3 1/2.

Now at age 11, however, there are complaints of the "Toddler Apocolypse" whenever a preschool class approaches.  (I think I managed to stifle my laughter until the teacher, who heard the comment, couldn't see us any more.)

Yet another pile o' presents.  The highlight was that the box that May Contain One or More Elephants did not indeed contain elephants,

but rather a custom-by-dad-fabricated longboard with Space Kitty on the bottom.

Yet another cake.  This time a Chocolate Volcano cake was requested.  Chocolate sponge cake filled with white chocolate mousse, covered with ganache and raspberry sauce.  Mmmm.
Happy Birthday Nim, just in time for school to start (tomorrow).

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