Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Misadventures in School

So, three misadventures in school today:
First, our math and science teacher, Ms. Kim, told us to bring a paper bag to cover our science textbooks yesterday so we could cover them today. Easy, right? Well, that part was. But then we went to get our math textbooks. Ms. Kim didn't know they were the new ones. Now we have to get another paper bag.
Second, at the orientation day they said brunch was $2.00 and lunch was $3.00. So I brought $3.00 for lunch today. But at the orientation day they were WRONG. Brunch is $2.25 and lunch is $3.75. A very hungry kid came home today...
Third, when I was unlocking my bike, I pulled the lock through the spokes and... it completely came (or really exploded) apart into 14+ pieces. There was the main cable and all the random little lock mechanism parts. Fortunately a kid I know, Kai, and his friends were there, and they helped me get all (or at least most) of the pieces. One kid said he could help me put back to gether, then said. "Wait. I see a spring. I don't know how to do that kind of lock. I went home and discovered that part of the lock had sheared off and we think a couple pieces are missing. Mom and I have declared the lock DEAD.
Count 'em fourteen pieces!

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