Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More sightseeing and silliness

The last batch of Quebec photos, I promise...

Zoom in to spot Nimue in the longhouse at the Huron site in Wendake:

She was right under the canoe.

Later, she pretended to be an inukshuk

Lest you think Nimue was the only mimic in the bunch, here's Chad:

Nimue responds to parental goofiness by trying (and failing) to re-orient the cannon toward us.

A little bit of rain was not a problem.

We climbed the remains of an old mill along the Jacques-Cartier River.

Nimue played with dried-out mud

and we discovered a road lined with old bread-baking outbuildings.  If you look closely, you see that this one was built in 1652.
Chad and I rode by Montmorency Falls, where I noted that it looked to be about the same size as Snoqualmie Falls (default from my youth of what a waterfall should be).   
When I got home, I looked up the stats:
Montmorency Falls: 84 meters tall, 46 meters wide
Snoqualmie Falls: 82 meters tall, 28 meters wide
so my eyes and memory are not so bad.

Some nights Nimue was all to ready to go to bed,
 and some nights she wasn't!

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