Friday, August 23, 2013

Mariam's Kittens

Hey everyone! Guess what! Mariam had four kittens this week! So cute :)

 The one with the blue ribbon is Snowy, the black and white one is Furball II, the colorpoint one (appears white in the picture) is Minty, and the calico one (appears brown in the picture) is Spice. My friends (who named them) will get to keep the kittens. But for now we're keeping them. I think Bobber's a little jealous.

Here's Mariam during playtime. Gosh, she looks tired! Must be the consequences of being a mom. These kittens have a lot of energy!

*Total SPOOF. Fyi Mariam is spayed. Our "kittens" are really my stuffed cats Silverfish (Snowy), Kitzer (Furball II), Simon (Minty), and Calico (Spice). My friends are NOT adopting them and Bobber is NOT jealous (as far as I know).  It's still funny!*

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